In this episode, we reminisce about Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2024 thinking about all the people we met, the amazing content, and the product updates.


  • Adobe ColdFusion Senior Technical Evangelist, Mark Takata
  • Byte Cloud CTO, Dakota Clum
  • xByte Cloud CMO, Ryan Brown

Topics Discussed

  • How did this compare to previous Summit East conferences
  • How was the mix of government versus non-government
  • Standout sessions from Summit East
  • How did this year’s certification compare
  • When will the next version of ColdFusion launch
  • Which bugs will be fixed in ColdFusion Next
  • When is alpha for ColdFusion Next launching
  • How to join pre-release program (email [email protected])
  • Why attend Vegas ColdFusion Summit 2024

Useful Links

To learn more about ColdFusion at xByte Cloud, visit